Baitul Mal (Treasury of Imarat Shariah)

This is the most important department of Imarat Shariah having the status of a nucleus. It is the Islamic treasury where in the amount of sadquat, zakat, contribution and donation made by the Muslim Ummah are kept and maintained. This department is looked after by a Secretary and functions under the control and guidance of Ameer-e-Shariat. The expenses being incurred on the entire activities and maintenance of different departments are made out of this treasury. Besides, everyday hundreds and thousands of rupees are distributed among widows, diseased and victims of natural calamities. Stipends are also provided to the hundreds of poor students studying in different modern and technical institutions on monthly basis. Hundreds of widows are also given suitable amount as per need in the shape of stipend regularly out of this fund. Besides, a separate Relied Fund has now been created within this department to provide relief in the shape of cash, kind etc. to the victims of flood, fire, communal riots, drought etc. Thousands & thousands of rupees were spent on rehabilitation of thousands of victims. Similarly out of India, victims and suppressed Muslims of Samarna, Balqan and Palestine were also helped. In the past Imarat Shariah sent lacks and lacks of rupees out of this Baitulmal Relief Fund. Every year northern parts of Bihar are generally affected by flood. It has become a common feature. Last year Imarat Shariah performed the relief work and spent a whopping sum of more that Rs. 10 lacks. The main source of Baitulmal and its relief fund as stated above is the amount of zakat, sadquat and public donation which as a matter of fact are not enough to cater to the present requirements and expectations of the people. We are thankful to the benevolent Muslim brothers both in India and abroad who donate liberally and encourage us to go on carrying out our mission-based programs ahead. May Allah bless upon them with more and more prosperity and zeal to come forward to sincerely serve the causes of the Ummah and the suffering humanity!

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