Department of organization (Tanzeem):-

This is one of the most important departments of Imarat Shariah. Through this department, survey of the Muslim Population of the different areas are made and in consultation with the villages/mohallas a head of the locality called “NAQUEEB” is appointed by the Ameer-e-Shariat. His main function is to organize Muslims of his particular village/mohallah to remain as one unit and carry on religious and all other activities in the light of Shariah Laws under the direction of Ameer-e- Shariat to educate and inspire the populace with regard to Islamic way of life and observance in practical life as also to make them aware their duties. Moreover, he is to make report about the activities and conditions of the area under his jurisdiction to the Ameer-e-Shariat and on his direction to inspire and persuade Muslims to get their mutual disputes amicably settled in accordance with Islamic laws through arbitration or through Darul Quaza established under the Imarat Shariah. He is also responsible for collection of “Qaumi Mahsool” (Public Contribution) by individual Muslim (Minimum Rs. 10/- per annum) and to get it deposited through proper agency in Baitulmal.

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