Department of Education:-

It is needless to say that without religious education propagation of Islamic teaching is hardly possible. Imarat Shariah there has been undertaking the task of establishing the Islamic Institutions in the Muslim dominated areas of Bihar, Orissa and Jharkhand. For this purpose right from Ameer-e-Shariat down to the Moballigheen, everybody of course with other Ulama by undertaking strenuous tours, try to inspire the Muslims to establish Islamic Institutions and to donate particularly for their smooth functioning. Muslims are inspired to spare a portion of their Zakat, Sadaquat as enjoined upon them by Islam to cater to the needs of the poor and orphan students, and other welfare works of the society in accordance with the provision under the Shariah. Thanks to Allah the sincere efforts in this field have borne fruits. Hundreds of high standard Islamic educational centers have been running producing thousands and thousands of Islamic scholars everywhere.

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